Adding Clonlara Online Courses to Your Learning Plan

Online Courses

Imagine your high schooler has a newfound interest in a subject you know nothing about. They are driven to learn more, and you wonder, “How can I fan this spark of excitement?”

Whether it is anthropology or architecture, coding or conservation, or any other specialized subject area, you may need some extra support.

Clonlara School’s online courses could be the answer.

Why Take Online Courses?

Clonlara students have a wide variety of reasons for weaving online courses into their education plan. In addition to wanting to seek in-depth learning in a specialized area, they might need to fulfill basic core requirements like algebra or English for graduation. Some may wish to explore an extensive range of career paths, such as veterinary science or criminal justice, or hone their skills in electives like digital photography or web design.

Because our advisors work closely with students and their families to help them set learning goals, they can assist in determining whether an online course would be an optimal resource.

There are also other benefits to taking Clonlara’s online courses. The lessons and assignments are ready to go, so families will have no planning for that subject, and the courses include teachers to answer questions and grade assignments.

Preparing for the Future

Today, distance learning is prevalent in all settings, so exposing middle and high school students (students in grades 6–12) to this method will help them understand their strengths when encountering it later in their education journey. Online courses also provide the opportunity to exercise personal responsibility and academic accountability. For learners speaking English as a second language, they can provide an opportunity for immersive practice.

“Many colleges incorporate online learning courses into their students’ schedules,” explains April Huard, Clonlara’s education director. “It’s also very common for high schools in the United States to include distance learning as part of the secondary curriculum to prepare students for the future.”

Unique Support for Online Learners

Many platforms allow students to explore distance learning, but taking online courses through Clonlara provides distinct advantages. Our online courses are administered by Clonlara teachers, which means grading and feedback will come from professionals aligned with Clonlara’s educational approach.

Our online teachers will work around tricky schedules and customize assignments to accommodate student interests. They will adjust coursework to ensure it supports a student’s personalized education plan. In some cases, our teachers have organized discussion groups, allowing participants to substitute their involvement for specific assignments.

Clonlara’s online teachers also thoroughly enjoy connecting with their students. One teacher received the following message from a student describing her emotions at the completion of her course:

“I am now submitting my final exam for this class. I actually have mixed feelings about this, because while I am extremely grateful for what I have learned and feel confident in my ability to take it with me through life, I also very much enjoyed this class. Part of me doesn’t want it to end. I want to thank you for being my teacher. I will always be grateful to you for that. There are so many things in the world I want to fix, and you have helped give me tools I can use to help fix those things. Thank you so much for that and thank you for being my teacher.”

Popular Online Course Options

Clonlara partners with Apex Learning and eDynamic Learning (Buzz) to present several hundred course options. For those seeking core courses, honors-level options, or college prep studies, Apex courses may be a good fit. Most Apex content tends to have a more traditional feel.

Learners interested in electives, including several multimedia choices, will enjoy the Buzz selections. Students consider the Buzz collection to be engaging.

As with most online learning, both platforms are text-heavy, so students should expect a considerable amount of reading.

Practical Core Courses and More

Clonlara Advising Administrator Amanda Schmidt touts Mathematics of Personal Finance as one of the most popular online courses among Clonlara students. “I think students gravitate toward it because it offers a practical and real-world approach to math. It’s great for students who want to learn more about managing money in their own lives.” Amanda says another “wildly popular” course is Geography and World Cultures. “Being a part of a global learning community draws our students to this course as it explores how various cultures have influenced life in countries around the world.”

Online Teacher Jillian Mukavetz suggests Creative Writing for students wanting to expand their writing skills in an inviting space. “Whether your interests center on poetry or prose, this course gives you a flexible opportunity to develop your voice and express your perspective of the world in your own unique way.”

In lieu of traditional assignments, Donna Iadipaola, the online teacher for Geometry, is open to incorporating creative activities such as building a “gumdrop geode.” She appreciates that studying geometry invites students “to explore the visual realm of shapes as well as the logic and reasoning of proofs.” Custom activities include math and photography, math and writing, and math and movies.

Engaging Career-Focused Courses and Electives

Students interested in multimedia will enjoy browsing through our Buzz courses. In Photography, the instructor encourages learners to create their own lessons based on their personal interests using various compositions, colors, textures, perspectives, and other components to hone their craft. Jillian says students appreciate The Lord of the Rings: An Exploration of the Films and Their Literary Influences because of the “behind-the-scenes look at the cultural layers, context, and clues of the iconic book and films.”

Amanda reports that Public Speaking is by far one of the most popular courses as “it is handy for those who are looking to meet Clonlara’s public speaking requirements for graduation.” Personal Communication or Professional Communication are great options to fulfill this requirement as well.

Students interested in exploring career paths can select options in information technology, health and fitness, business administration and management, and more! Rosa Curtis, Clonlara online teacher, describes Veterinary Science as a course “great for anybody considering a career as a vet or vet tech. This course takes a look at the pets that live in our homes, on our farms, and in our zoos, and it examines some of the common diseases and treatments for animals.”

Interested? Browse Our Catalogs and Request a Demo

Clonlara’s online courses provide a convenient learning option for students in grades 6–12. Because courses must be purchased separately from campus or off-campus enrollment, you may wish to make sure each course is a good fit before making a commitment. Peruse our middle school catalog (PDF) and/or high school catalog (PDF) to select interesting options. Then, talk with your student’s program advisor or contact our admissions team to gain access to a course demo!

What courses from our catalog capture YOUR interest?

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