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Why Clonlara?

We are a global community of students, families, educators, mentors, and partners whose curiosity and interests guide our learning.

For more than 50 years, Clonlara has championed a personalized education approach that puts each student at the center of the learning process.

Welcome to an empowering way to learn.


Backed by more than five decades of experience, our staff forms a vibrant and dedicated team that works together with families to meet each student’s individual learning needs.

Personalized Approach

Every student learns through Clonlara’s personalized Full Circle Learning Model. Families can tailor their learning journey by choosing the program that works best for them: Campus, Off-Campus, and Online.


More than a school, Clonlara is a global learning community with students in more than 60 countries and services provided in six languages.




A classroom the size of your imagination

We all have different learning styles, needs, and goals. Our experienced K–12 teachers nurture students’ passions and allow them to thrive as individuals.


A school with no walls, overlooking the world

At home, on the beach, or on top of the highest mountain. Where do you want to learn? There is fertile ground to learn anytime, anywhere with Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program.


Distance learning with caring support

A comprehensive distance learning option for students in grades 6–12. The Online Program offers “ready-to-go” courses with teacher and advisor support along the way.



Our mission is to provide programs and services that recognize and support a learner’s curiosity, strengths, interests, and talents as the foundation of his or her educational experience.

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Benjamin Sutin ’11: Jazz Violinist in the Big City

Benjamin Sutin ’11: Jazz Violinist in the Big City

Violinist and Clonlara alum Benjamin Sutin lives and works in New York City, where he has performed in a wide range of venues: the pit orchestra for off-Broadway shows, a freelance orchestra gig at Carnegie Hall, salsa groups, rock bands, and various jazz ensembles. He credits his learning experience with Clonlara for helping to equip him with skills to launch

Our Events

Global Give Back Week

START: Sunday, April 18, 2021 Volunteer service is a core element of Clonlara’s educational approach. During the week of April 18–24, we will ask Clonlara families around the world to choose a service project that is important to them and dedicate time (one hour, one day, or more!) to giving back to their local communities. Meet oThe week celebrates our commitment

Graduation Ceremony

START: Saturday, June 12, 2021 02:00 pm END: Saturday, June 12, 2021 05:00 pm Clonlara School’s graduation celebrates the diverse interests and talents of our student body and recognizes the accomplishments of each student. During the ceremony, we invite graduates and families to share a performance, speech, or story that reflects the uniqueness of their educational journeys. Please join us as we proudly

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