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About Us


The philosophy of Clonlara School is to enable learners to participate purposefully and eagerly in their own education. Experience tells us that children learn best when their interests guide their activities and discoveries, and that parents have the right and ability to educate their children. We believe that learning begins with curiosity.

Clonlara sees the world as a boundless classroom and considers the learning environment integral to the learning process. Academic teaching and mastery of skills are not limited to a space or location. At home, at school, and beyond, there is fertile ground for learning.

We believe that a school should allow students to participate in the design and implementation of their curriculum. When students’ personal interests drive their educational activities, their motivation grows, and their learning is deeper and longer lasting. Every aspect of a student’s development deserves attention: physical, spiritual, mental, and psychological.

Our approach to education leads to a lifelong love of learning.

Clonlara Global Learning Community

Students, families, educators, mentors, and partners all over the world sharing the same personalized educational approach: Full Circle Learning.

Clonlara students can live anywhere in the world and travel while enrolled in our programs. We currently serve families in more than 70 countries.

Our Impact

What families say

I value that my daughter is seen as an individual with unique learning interests at Clonlara. It’s so reassuring that she loves coming to school every day.

Sally, Campus Program Parent,

I wanted to share with you my whole family’s delight in your school. This first week has been wonderful and my two boys have done more work voluntarily than ever before!

Dilshad, Off-Campus Program Parent,