Clonlara is welcoming 

Diversity Statement

Since 1967, Clonlara School has encouraged and protected the educational autonomy and freedom of individuals, especially children. Over the decades, a wide diversity of people, thoughts, and experiences have shaped and strengthened our school’s global learning community. Now, more than ever, the world needs schools and models that encourage openness, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, and that practice inclusion and foster tolerance, as Clonlara has dedicated itself to doing.

The following principles guide Clonlara’s approach to supporting our students, families, and staff:

  • Clonlara is welcoming and committed to nondiscrimination in our admissions, education, and employment policies and practices. This includes age, race, religion, and identity.
  • Clonlara trusts and empowers all students, families, and staff through our personalized learning approach and the positive culture of our work environment.
  • Clonlara acts with intention to offer a safe, respectful, equitable, and inclusive space for interactions—in person, virtual, and written—for the members of our school community.

Difference, disagreement, and even conflict are integral to learning, and Clonlara would not have endured without having a collaborative, nonjudgmental approach to the individual circumstances, preferences, and choices of the students and families we serve. As Founder Pat Montgomery said, “If we learn to face differences head-on, painful as that may be, we will develop skills for solving problems. Most problems can be solved in this direct, deliberative way.”

Clonlara will continually strive to increase our empathy and compassion toward the members of our school community; will seek to find common ground when possible; and will stand up to incidences of racism, violence, bigotry, and hate that attempt to divide or harm us.

Over time, this statement may change as our understandings evolve. We will reevaluate and revise it as needed.