Learning begins with curiosity 

A personalized approach

From kindergarten through 12th grade, each Clonlara student learns through a personalized approach called “Full Circle Learning.” This research-supported model encourages students to formulate questions and discover answers about subjects that capture their attention, leading them to deeper understanding.

The model is inclusive and applicable to all age groups and learning styles.

Personalized approach

Each student is on a personal learning journey that is supported by our team. Our approach puts them at the center of the learning process.

Flexible curriculum

The curriculum is adaptable to the student so that learning happens at the right time, according to their interests, needs, and goals.

Framework for learning

Full Circle Learning empowers students to take charge. They can choose the order in which to move through the process.

Community support

Our students, families, educators, mentors, and partners all form a global community of eager learners and curious minds.

Full Circle Learning

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Everyone has a personal learning journey. By choosing the program that best suits their learning needs, each Clonlara student and family can also decide where and when they want to learn. Pack your dreams and hold tight!

Core beliefs

At Clonlara School, we believe:

Learning begins with curiosity;

Children learn best when their interests guide their activities;

Parents have the right and ability to educate their own children;

The world is our classroom, and the learning environment is integral to the learning process;

A school should allow its students to participate in the design and application of the curriculum;

Academic learning and the mastery of skills are not limited by the location in which they are sought, either in a school or at home;

Our approach to education leads to a lifelong love of learning.

Clonlara families

Learning is an adventure, and family is a big part of it.

Clonlara teachers and advisors work closely with families to understand their goals and guide them on their learning journey. They get to know each student personally and make customized recommendations for learning activities, educational resources, and more. 

Using Full Circle Learning, students and families discover how to create authentic, relevant, and personally challenging learning experiences that excite and engage.

Full Circle Learning

in action

Building a Hydroponic Garden

During his last year at Clonlara, Patrick F. from Kerala, India, integrated his lifelong interests in geology, astrophysics, biology, and environmental sustainability into an ambitious culminating project in hydroponics. He began with some guiding questions: What is the history behind this method of growing? What are the benefits? Is it possible to grow inside and outside? Is sunlight important? Do the plants grow at a different rate than grown in soil?

Those questions directed his research and then eventually the construction of his own hydroponic garden. Throughout the project, Patrick learned to improvise, to use materials that were available to him, and to allow time for mistakes. He shares his work in this short video.