Enrollment is open for all grades, and campus class sizes will be capped at 10–12 students. View our Campus Program COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan – August 2020 (PDF) and our Return to School Plan – March 2021 (PDF).

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A classroom the size of your imagination 

Campus Program

Clonlara’s Campus Program offers a flexible and personalized learning approach in a relaxed and welcoming environment so that students can thrive as individuals. Our supportive community is made up of engaged students and families, experienced teachers, and trusted mentors connected to one another and to other Clonlara families around the world.

What makes Clonlara’s Campus Program
a unique experience?

Welcoming Learning Environment

Caring teachers in multiage classrooms with low student-to-teacher ratios lead to lasting relationships.
Our light-filled building has comfortable furniture, computers, and worktables; a spacious art studio, cozy library, and well-equipped nutrition center; a multipurpose room for gatherings; and a large outside play area. Together, they make our school feel more like home.

Experienced Educators

Clonlara’s teachers subscribe to the best progressive educational practices and are more committed to teaching students than subjects. They are lifelong learners who model self-directed inquiry by sharing their personal passions and projects with their students.

Full Circle Learning

Hands-on projects structured by Clonlara’s Full Circle Learning Model offer autonomy and spark creativity as students explore their interests.

Community Connections

Frequent field trips and community engagement extend learning beyond the classroom. Visits to local libraries, museums, and parks as well as volunteer service, gardening, and other areas of interest are regularly integrated into our school week.


Grades K–5

Clonlara builds on young students’ curiosity for learning by emphasizing the importance of play in addition to core academics. Every day we bring enjoyment, wonder, and discovery into our spaces to help our students build a strong foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Our classroom climate fosters collaboration, and our multiage setting allows the younger students to learn from their older peers, taking on leadership roles when ready.


Grades 6–8

The middle years are a time of great transition and increasing self-awareness for youth as they begin to see themselves in relation to their peers and the world around them. Through a combination of projects, play, and academic subjects, we help to foster students’ emerging self-confidence by encouraging them to bring their ideas into the building and letting their questions and interests guide their learning.


Grades 9–12

Clonlara’s Olders classroom is a social learning community in which students learn through group collaboration and individualized projects. Our goal is to empower our high school-age students to explore their interests and support them in making plans to put their ideas into action. In addition to the core subjects, our projects emphasize volunteer service, public speaking, problem solving, critical thinking, self-advocacy, research, and the important life skills that prepare students to succeed in the college or career of their choice.

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2021–22 Tuition

Youngers K–2 $7,500
Youngers 3–5 $9,900
Middles 6–8 $13,500
Olders 9–12 $15,555


1st Student $200
Sibling $50


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