Changing the world since 1967 


Pat Montgomery, Ph.D., and her husband, Jim, founded Clonlara School in 1967 when, after teaching in public and parochial schools and then having their two children, Pat began to feel that schools did not take into account the child’s natural development and growth in learning. As an admirer of Piaget’s work, which promoted learning through play and games, she set out to create a school where everyone could learn at their own pace, according to their needs and interests.

Pat envisioned a school where children of all ages, ethnicities, and beliefs could learn and grow in an unhurried, relaxed atmosphere; where enrollment would be limited so that the children, staff, and parents would all get to know one another; and where families would have an active role in school life and in the education of their children.

The democratic principles on which the United States was built would become a reality in the everyday lives of students and teachers in Clonlara’s Campus Program. Children would be respected as thinking, feeling human beings, and the issues affecting their lives—the environment, war and peace, world issues—would be part of the curriculum. Travel and community involvement would also be an integral part of their learning and growing.

The Off-Campus Program began in 1979 as an extension of the original campus school into the homes of families across the United States and, eventually, numerous other countries. It would foster students’ independence and self-confidence by encouraging them to embrace the responsibility for their own education. Pat believed students could identify their goals and passions, and with the professional supervision and aid of Clonlara’s advisors, choose their own educational resources and establish their own schedules. In 2013, the Online Program was added for students who wanted “ready-to-go” courses with the freedom and flexibility of Clonlara’s educational approach.

Throughout its history, Clonlara School has been a leading advocate for alternative education and homeschooling in the United States. In the 1980s, Pat filed a lawsuit against the State of Michigan Board of Education on behalf of Clonlara and home-educating families, which began a series of legal battles.

In 1993, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled in Clonlara’s favor, acknowledging that state education officials could not enforce public school policies against parents educating at home as if those policies were law. This precedent-setting victory would prove instrumental in making homeschooling a legal and acceptable educational option for families across the United States.

Today, Clonlara continues to expand, serving students in more than 70 countries and providing support in multiple languages: English, French, German, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish.

through the years


"The school inside you"

While visiting Summerhill School in England, A.S. Neill advises Pat Montgomery to create “the school inside you.” The Montgomerys purchase a house for a nursery school in Ann Arbor. Clonlara School is founded.

Clonlara begins to grow

The Montgomerys purchase the house next door and Clonlara grows from one house to two.

Child care center opens

Portable classrooms are added.

Clonlara enrolls school-age students

Elementary school opens in portable.

We grow with the kids

Six- to 13-year-olds served.

Homeschooling begins

Clonlara launches its Home Based Education Program, which is now the Off-Campus Program.

Different ages, different needs, same personalized learning approach

Clonlara expands ages served to include 14- to 18-year-olds.
Clonlara School

Brick by brick

Clonlara breaks ground for a new building.

Time to expand

Clonlara’s Spanish Program begins.
Clonlara_History_Timeline2004 (1)

Our international community grows

Clonlara’s German Program begins.

New beginning

Pat Montgomery retires and Pat’s daughter, Chandra Montgomery Nicol, is named Executive Director.

Growing beyond our imagination

Clonlara establishes affiliate program in India.

Global reach and new programs

Clonlara establishes affiliate program in Costa Rica, begins Hungarian Program, and launches the Online Program.

More countries come on board

Clonlara’s Portuguese Program begins.

A name change and a new language

The Home-Based Education Program becomes the Off-Campus Program; Clonlara’s French Program begins.

Celebrating 50 years...

From its roots in Ann Arbor, Clonlara continues to grow and touch many lives throughout the world.

Expansion in Portugal and Brazil

Clonara establishes the affiliate program in Portugal, in partnership with Colégio de São José, Coimbra. The Brazilian Program begins.

New paths in Portugal, Idanha-a-Nova

Clonlara starts a partnership with the members and children of Associação Sementes do Interior, Comunidade Cultural e Educativa.

A new team that joins

A new team gets together: Clonlara Portuguese Association is created.

The dream guides life

Clonlara Portuguese Association establishes a partnership with the City Council of Idanha-a-Nova, in order to open the future Campus in the region. The licensing process begins with the Ministry of Education.

Our Impact

More than 55 years ago we planted a tree. The seeds were curiosity, freedom, respect, and empowerment. As the tree grew, its roots and  trunk became stronger, and its branches extended as if they wanted to embrace the sky. Its leaves and fruits became our impact on more than 55 years of learning.

what families say

I value that my daughter is seen as an individual with unique learning interests at Clonlara. It’s so reassuring that she loves coming to school every day.

Sally, Campus Program Parent,

I wanted to share with you my whole family’s delight in your school. This first week has been wonderful and my two boys have done more work voluntarily than ever before!

Dilshad, Off-Campus Program Parent,