A school with no walls, overlooking the world 

Off-Campus Program

At home, on the beach, or on top of the highest mountain. Where do you want to learn?

There is fertile ground to learn anytime, anywhere. You choose your classroom. Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program offers students and families the opportunity to build their own curriculum with the support of our knowledgeable advisors. We partner with families to monitor their students’ progress and achievements, provide guidance, and suggest materials and learning tools along the way. 

What makes Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program
a unique experience?

Personalized Learning

Off-campus families partner with Clonlara advisors to develop their own ideas about how they want to school, from the use of structured lesson plans to open discovery methods and everything in between.

Support and Guidance

Advisors check in with families throughout the semester and are available as needed to make customized recommendations for learning activities, educational resources, and much more.

Structured Learning Approach

Throughout the process, parents and students document their educational activities and choose methods for evaluating and measuring their learning. They submit progress reports or credit requests for our advisors to review and approve.

Global Community Support

An international community made up of families, students, and mentors is with you along the way. You will have a worldwide audience with whom to share experiences and discover new and exciting ways to continue your learning journey.

How It Works

Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program is highly personalized to support each student on their learning journey. Our advisors work with families to design an educational plan to fit their students’ unique interests, needs, and goals. New families also receive additional guidance designed to ensure that they have the tools needed for a successful Clonlara experience.

Optional Online Courses

In addition to empowering our students and families to design their own educational activities, all Clonlara students in grades 6–12 have the option to add online courses. We offer a wide variety of self-paced, teacher-supported online courses that allow students to explore topics autonomously and pursue their personal passions and interests.


Grades K–8

Learning should be fun, especially in the early years when children are getting a sense of themselves and the world around them. With the support of Clonlara advisors, parents oversee their student’s learning and are asked to submit two progress reports each year. Report cards can be issued upon request.


Grades 9–12

Clonlara’s off-campus high school students have ultimate choice in following their interests and can earn credit by pursuing their passions. At the end of each semester, they submit a credit request form for each course completed, which our advisors use to issue high school credit. Upon meeting Clonlara’s graduation requirements, the students receive an accredited private school diploma.

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K–81st Student$1,245
9–121st Student$1,685


1st Student$210

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