Finding a Balance Between Formal and Informal Learning

Learning can be formal, informal, or anywhere in between. Formal learning is planned, and it often includes set curricula and tests. Informal learning is generally spontaneous and based on real-life experiences. At Clonlara, we believe students learn best with a personalized combination of the two. In this blog post, Clonlara parent Csilla leads us through […]

Building Strong Family Relationships

Building Strong Family Relationships

Parents play a crucial role in the facilitation of learning, and, according to developmental psychologist Gordon Neufeld, can create the context in which learning occurs. At Clonlara, we believe building strong family relationships prepares students to realize their full potential, educationally and beyond.  Loida Cañizares Doménech, director of Clonlara School’s Spanish Program, homeschooling mother, and blogger […]

Get to Know Our Executive Director Sofia Gallis

Get to Know Our Executive Director: Meet Sofia Gallis

How do your children describe their education? Would words such as “exciting,” “engaging,” or “captivating” come to their lips? These are descriptions Clonlara School Founder Pat Montgomery and her daughter, former Executive Director Chandra Montgomery Nicol, believed should describe every child’s learning path. Under the leadership of Clonlara’s first non-Montgomery family member, Executive Director Sofia Gallis, our […]

Personalized Support for Students with Special Needs

Do you have a curious child who learns differently than their peers? Is your student a capable, neurodiverse learner with special needs such as dyslexia, autism, or ADHD who would benefit from a highly personalized learning approach? Have you considered homeschooling as a possible alternative but are unsure about where to begin? Before enrolling in […]

What Does Volunteer Service Look Like at Clonlara?

What Does Volunteer Service at Clonlara Look Like?

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” said cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead. At Clonlara School, we build this powerful sentiment into our educational approach by ensuring that volunteer service is an integral part of the learning experience. We encourage all […]

Inspiring Art from Around the World

Clonlara’s 2023 Global Art Show was our biggest yet! We received more than 270 submissions from students in more than 35 countries! Our six galleries showcased a range of artistic techniques and traditional media, including acrylic paint, crayon, pencil, and watercolor on paper and canvas, as well as unconventional media such as articles of clothing […]

Adding Clonlara Online Courses to Your Learning Plan

Online Courses

Imagine your high schooler has a newfound interest in a subject you know nothing about. They are driven to learn more, and you wonder, “How can I fan this spark of excitement?” Whether it is anthropology or architecture, coding or conservation, or any other specialized subject area, you may need some extra support. Clonlara School’s […]

Clonlara at Sea: From Dream to Highly Personalized Education On-the-Go

5abombordo - Sailing and Learning Around the World

For some families, “traveling the world” is a fanciful dream, something to attain after the children have grown and graduated. But what would it look like if your children’s schooling could be part of the dream? With three children enrolled in Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program, one family (“5abombordo,” as they are known on social media) has […]

6 Summer Learning Tips for Older Students

6 Summer Learning Tips for Older Students

Whether you are looking forward to long leisurely days or a calendar full of activities, the summer months offer a unique opportunity for families to recharge before the next school year. Especially for middle and high school students, summer can also be a time to reflect on learning goals and take purposeful steps toward achieving […]

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Celebrating the Class of 2022

Clonlara School’s Class of 2022 includes 150 graduates representing 28 countries! They have earned scholarships and awards totaling more than $1 million to help pursue their passions and goals next year in the colleges and careers of their choice. In keeping with Clonlara’s philosophy of empowering students to participate purposefully and eagerly in their education, […]