Clonlara Welcomes Students in Greek and Turkish

Clonlara Welcomes Students in Greek and Turkish

As Clonlara students around the world begin the 2021–22 school year, we are delighted to welcome Greek and Turkish families to our Off-Campus Program in their own languages!

“From our roots in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Clonlara School has grown into a true global learning community,” said Executive Director Chandra Montgomery Nicol. “With the addition of Greek and Turkish, we will provide services in eight languages this year to more than 2,000 students in more than 70 countries.”

Dating back to its founding in 1967, Clonlara has always offered a highly personalized learning approach that allows students to pursue their passions and interests in depth. As our programs have grown, we have been careful to understand the educational needs and realities of the families we support.

“When Clonlara offers services in new languages, we strengthen the connection with our families, giving them access to academic advisors who communicate in their mother tongue, understand their culture, and have the expertise to support them in a personalized way,” said Global Research and Development Director Sofia Gallis. “This gives families the assurance that they have a partner in their children’s education.”

In addition to working with Clonlara advisors in their own languages, our Greek and Turkish families will have the benefit of Clonlara’s accreditation and documentation processes, and their students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs and activities with peers around the world.

To help spread the word about Clonlara’s new services in Greek and Turkish, please share the following links with any families and friends who may be interested:

Clonlara now serves students in English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish, and we look forward to adding more languages as we continue to grow.

If you know families who would like our support in their language, please let us know!

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