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Libraries Are for Everyone

By Shari Maser, Off-Campus Program Advisor American libraries have evolved a great deal since the visionary Benjamin Franklin founded the first lending library in 1731.

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Championing Teens with Anxiety

By April Huard, Off-Campus Program Advisor As a teenager, Solome Tibebu struggled with a debilitating anxiety disorder that affected every area of her life. Although

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Paul J. Meyer Quote

We Flourish Together

By Kevin Fitzgerald, Editor The snow is melting here in Michigan, and though we may not have seen the last of it this year, Clonlara

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Elders as Educational Resources

By Shari Maser, Off-Campus Program Advisor Senior citizens have been an important part of my daughter’s educational journey. Many of my students also connect with

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A Deeper Education

By Shari Maser, Off-Campus Program Advisor Learning is a continuous process, so why examine a subject once and be “done” with it? Instead, return to

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