Blake Boles @ Clonlara School

By Clonlara School

On September 20, 2018, Clonlara School hosted Blake Boles for his talk titled, “Yes, you can quit traditional high school and everything will be okay!” Blake shared his personal education journey and passion for self-directed learning with the school community, and inspired the audience with accounts of teens who, like many Clonlara students, have taken charge of their learning.

Watch this talk if you…

  • Want to know more about the education alternatives for middle and high school students
  • Need reassurance that designing your own learning experiences in the middle and high school years works

Video Notes:

  • 00 min 35 sec – Lighting improves
  • 32 min 25 sec – No sound during Blake’s “Can Unschoolers Get Into College” video. View the original.

One Response

  1. Blake Boles is open-minded, interested in everything, courageous, and passionately committed to individual development. I would expect good things to happen for young people who had the good fortune to hang out with Blake for a while.

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