10 Unique Homeschooling Resources

10 Unique Homeschooling Resources

By April Huard, Off-Campus Program Advisor

Last month, for the first time ever, Clonlara School was represented at the Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, OH. Several thousand people attend this convention each year, and over 300 exhibitors fill the vendor hall.

In between spreading the word about Clonlara’s Off-Campus and Online Programs, we took some time to check out all of the new and exciting resources that our families might enjoy.

The following caught our attention, and we’d like to share them with you. Whether you’re looking for science or art, physical education or Minecraft, there’s something on this list for everyone!

Oceans First Education
Topic: Marine Science
Grades: K–12

This digital marine science curriculum has something for everyone. There’s a semester-long high school elective, but they also offer short courses and virtual field trips with 360 lesson plans that can be downloaded to your tablet or computer. The photos and videography are visually stunning, and students are sure to be engaged and excited!

Think Outside
Topic: Physical Education/Nature Subscription Box
Grades: K–8

This year-long monthly subscription service aims to teach students about survival and exploration in the great outdoors. The first box comes with a lightweight daypack, and subsequent boxes contain all of the gear needed to pack it along with lesson plans, resource cards, and a monthly challenge. Topics include first aid, weather, nutrition, and many more!

Film School 4 Teens
Topic: Filmmaking
Grades 9–12

This year-long online elective will teach students the art of filmmaking as well as film history and critique. By the end of the course, students will have created their own film and started an online portfolio of their work. For a secular version, choose the charter version at checkout.

Topic: Minecraft
Ages: 6–16

Students can learn about history, creative writing, science, geography, world studies, and more with this unique Minecraft-based curriculum. Kids work together with others around the globe on secure servers at their convenience.

Doctor Aviation
Topic: Aircraft and Flight
Ages: 16 and up

High-school students can earn .5 or 1 science credit as they learn about the physics of aviation and aviation history. This unique course consists of video sessions and guided notes as well as exams.

Topic: Art History
Grades: 1–8

Explore a favorite art era with videos and art activities. Students are exposed to masterpieces, artists, new vocabulary, writing prompts, and lots of art projects during these 16-week courses. Monthly subscriptions are available.

Vagabond Fit
Topic: Physical Education
Grades: 9–12

This 14-week PE curriculum, which was developed by a collegiate strength coach, teaches students about lifting, plyometrics, and cardio as well as healthy eating. Workout videos and recipes are accessed through an exclusive Facebook page.

Money Munchkids
Topic: Financial Education
Grades: K–3

Young students can go far beyond counting money with this workbook-based financial literacy curriculum. The 35 lessons cover topics such as banks, budgeting, income, expenses, needs vs. wants, and much more!

Curriculum That Matters
Topic: Life Skills
Grades: 9–12

The first semester of this online course prepares students to live on their own, and the second semester covers living in the community. Practical topics such as getting a job, paying bills, taking care of cars, and starting a business are included in Living On Your Own; and Living in the Community includes first aid, civic responsibility, insurance, the court system and much more.

An Edible Knowledge
Topic: Food Science
Ages: 10 and up

Written by a food scientist, these workbooks introduce students to the science and technology behind the food they eat. Lessons include kitchen experiments, journaling ideas, and in-depth assignments.

Do you have a favorite homeschooling resource? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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