Everett DuBois ’17: Man in Motion

Everett DuBois '17" Man in Motion

By Clonlara School

You may have already “met” Everett DuBois. Donned in his green Commencement garb, Everett graced the cover of Clonlara School’s 50th Anniversary Impact Report, his ear-to-ear grin welcoming readers to a celebration of Clonlara’s belief that “learning begins with curiosity.” While enrolled at the school, and since graduating in 2017, Everett has exemplified the Clonlara curious spirit as he has vigorously pursued a wide range of interests—from sales, to military service, to his comic book series Kadorobo.

During his high school years, Everett focused on writing a graphic novel and aligned his coursework to support this project (e.g., studying anatomy and kinesiology to better draw musculature and portray movement).

Following graduation, Everett spent a year in sales at Art Van—their youngest salesperson—and expanded into real estate with Nu Vision Realty. These endeavors have provided him funds to continue his creative pursuits with Kadorobo.

Always seeking new adventures, Everett joined the Michigan Army National Guard in 2018. “Clonlara instilled in me the excitement and courage for overcoming new challenges, and inspired me to push my limits,” Everett commented. By achieving one of the highest scores possible for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Test, he was able to choose a more advanced Military Occupational Specialty in Signal Operation.

Everett’s Clonlara experience equipped him to bring community building, teamwork, and leadership skills to Basic Combat Training (BCT). “Thanks to these skills I developed in school, the drill sergeants placed me as the Platoon Guide over 90 fellow soldiers.” Everett completed BCT and Advanced Individual Training over the course of six months, during which time he continued work on his comic book.

Looking forward, Everett is applying to colleges in Detroit for cyber security, obtaining an EMT license, and will be working as a security guard at the Renaissance Center. Meanwhile, “real estate isn’t slowing down for me, and neither is my passion for my comic book series.”

“My time at Clonlara was memorable for countless reasons,” Everett reflected. “There were so many people who inspired me—a diverse student body who became even more diverse as they were allowed to express themselves and grow into their passions. Through Clonlara, I overcame my fear of the unknown with adventurous school trips to exotic places like the Dominican Republic, where we volunteered. Places I otherwise never would have discovered, even in Michigan. Hiking, volunteering, just having fun around the camp fire—there is so much to gain from those real life experiences. I’m glad that they were offered to me and I look forward to hearing about new adventures for years to come.”

What about the school was most valuable in preparing him for life after Clonlara? “Definitely working with different types of people; being pushed out of my comfort zone, given the freedom to self direct, given the resources to take my passions seriously and discover new ones without fear. Having a voice in the community and learning the responsibility that comes with it.”

Everett’s advice to Clonlara students: “NEVER let fear stop you. You are much more capable than you could ever imagine. Writing fictional stories is great (I do it myself), but remember to step out into this world and write with your actions, too. Don’t judge people too quickly, and never too aggressively. You will always find moments of humility—accept those with grace. Lastly, develop optimism—it will help you push forward through the most difficult battles.”

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