Global Art Show
March 2023

Clonlara’s 2023 Global Art Show is our biggest yet! This year, we received more than 270 submissions from students in more than 35 countries!

Our six galleries showcase a range of artistic techniques and traditional media, including acrylic paint, crayon, pencil, and watercolor on paper and canvas, as well as unconventional media such as articles of clothing and repurposed materials. And, for the first time, Clonlara staff members have joined our students in sharing their work!

We invite you to “step into” the galleries of our Global Art Show and browse them at your own pace. We hope you leave them feeling as inspired by our students as we do!

2023 Preview


Graphite, charcoal, ink, colored pencil, and other dry media work make up this gallery.

3D & Mixed Media

Students get creative within the mixed media genre, combining a variety of materials into one work. 3D art in this gallery includes sculpture, pottery, forged metal, and papier-mâché.


Clonlara’s photographers capture everything from the smallest details to expansive landscapes, snapping pictures of flowers, pets, people, and more.


Watercolor, acrylic, oil, tempura paints, and pastels set the stage for a rich viewing experience in this gallery.

Digital Art

Students create and/or manipulate artistic media using technology to form digital 3D sculptures, photo manipulations, and pixel art.

Performing Arts

A new category for our 2023 Global Art Show—perhaps Clonlara’s performing artists will have their own event in 2024?

How to attend?

Attendees will hear from featured artists and have the opportunity to “browse” our exhibits together. The event will be held in English, but staff will be available in the “Chat” for questions and comments in other languages.

Please register to attend.

Come get inspired!

Time remaining to the start of the show:


Did you enjoy the show?

If you have a message for our talented artists or other comments about this event, please share them below.

One Response

  1. Thank YOU to all of the students and staff who participated in this year’s art show AND to our three student presenters for giving us a glimpse into their creative processes and future plans! Also, thanks to the many families and friends who joined us virtually to view the galleries. It was wonderful to be able to enjoy the artwork together!

    – Kevin, Clonlara School

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