Luke Spring: A Passion for Dance

Luke Spring: A Passion for Dance

By Clonlara School

Luke Spring’s high school years in Clonlara’s Off-Campus Program have given him the freedom and flexibility to pursue his passion for performing arts and entertainment.

When Luke was just 4 years old, he was inspired by the movie Happy Feet and the examples of his older sisters to begin tap dancing. Since then, he has trained in several styles of dance, taught dance and choreography himself, and realized his dream of dancing professionally.

Opportunities Abound

Clonlara student Luke Spring tap dancing at the NYCDA Competition in 2019.

Dance has opened countless doors for Luke over the past several years. In 2012, he was part of the original Broadway cast of A Christmas Story, The Musical. He also performed in Maurice Hines Is Tappin’ Through Life and Arena Stage’s production of Disney’s Newsies. You might even recognize him from appearances on TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and So You Think You Can Dance. Of these many opportunities, Luke says, “I am incredibly grateful for all of the memorable experiences I have had, the wonderful places I have been, and most of all, the special people I have met throughout this journey.”

The Clonlara Advantage

Through it all, Luke recognizes the value of his Clonlara education. He explains, “The freedom that the Off-Campus Program provides, while still requiring accountability, has enabled me to train in the arts and pursue my passions while staying up-to-speed on my education.” In an industry with unpredictable hours, sudden opportunities, and schedule changes, Luke has been able to be flexible and responsive. He enjoys designing his own courses and taking responsibility for his own learning. Receiving credit for doing what he loves most is an added bonus!

Looking Ahead

In just a few short months, Luke will be a Clonlara graduate. He hopes to continue his career in the performing arts and find a way to help Alzheimer’s patients through dance. As he looks back on his own journey at Clonlara School, Luke has some advice for his fellow students. He urges students to spend plenty of time planning courses, researching resources, and brainstorming with others. He also reminds students to discover their passions and pursue them wholeheartedly: “Try to make everything you study something that will be purposeful and meaningful to you in your future plans.”

The Clonlara community wishes Luke all the best and looks forward to following his career!

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