A Teenager’s Advice for Traveling Teenagers

By Marina F., Off-Campus Student, Brazil Program

I have been traveling with my mother for nine months and am sharing my experiences to help you avoid the boredom ☺. If you’re hoping your trip will end soon, here’s my advice: Don’t think about it! It’s all right if you don’t get that at first. I didn’t. But, after a while, the time will pass faster, and these tips can help.


If you want to use the internet to watch movies, play games, and post photos, download as much as you can while you have access. I play Candy Crush because it doesn’t need internet and has a limited number of lives, which eventually makes me stop. Piano Tiles is another good game for passing the time. In addition to improving your hand-eye coordination, the music is very relaxing.

It’s also good to download things to read. Books are quick to install, depending on your internet connection, and if your phone is low on space, you can just uninstall the ones you’ve already read. I use application like use Wattpad, Manga Rock, and Webtoon, which has several different stories and no limit on how much you can download.


Finding a place to sleep with internet is not easy. RV parks have internet but not enough for downloading things and watching movies. If you are traveling through the United States and Canada like me, Walmart, Canadian Tire, Starbucks, and McDonalds are all good places to get online, but you can’t sleep in those places! So, finding ways to go online during the day and then spending the night in the wild or at a campground is better than struggling with the internet in an RV park.


When you are traveling, you are far away from your friends. You will miss them and feel down. Here’s my simple tip: video call. Use Skype, WhatsApp, or any other application that has video to see your friends weekly, or whenever you can. And, while you wait for them to answer, you can download movies, books, games, and more.

Try Something New

If you get bored easily, try learning a new language through an app. Or, take up a new instrument, try reading a different book than you’re used to, draw, or write stories. More and more you will find things to do and feel more busy than bored. It will make time go faster, and you will learn new things!

I hope I have helped. While you’re traveling, try to do most of these things but take advantage of the journey, too. After all, not everyone has the chance to travel!

About the Author: Marina and her mother Renata are traveling in their RV named “Thunder.” Together they are discovering the wonders of North America and how to get along during the teenage years through their not always easy, but fascinating journey.

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