The Power of Art

The Power of Art

On Saturday, March 13, Clonlara’s annual Global Art Show took place for the first time ever as a live virtual event, bringing together students, families, staff, and friends from around the world to celebrate the power of art! The large audience of more than 100 attendees tuned in from across multiple time zones to appreciate 450-plus pieces of artwork submitted by more than 180 students from 27 countries.

In her opening remarks, Executive Director Chandra Montgomery Nicol shared that it had been exactly one year since our campus in Ann Arbor closed for in-person learning due to the pandemic. She took a moment to honor the many Clonlara families who have faced challenges, hardships, and even loss during this time, and celebrated the way our community has come together through events like the art show. “I hope you have found that you are closer to Clonlara and feel an attachment to the community here because I know I have,” she told the audience. “I am delighted to see the beautiful art sent in for today—it really shows how Clonlara personalizes learning and supports that personalization in our students!”

These words were echoed by a story from 7-year-old Art Club student Pau and his mother Cristina from our Spanish Program. They shared how Clonlara has allowed Pau to engage with his learning more fully by integrating art in multiple subject areas, such as science and geometry.

The excited audience members were then invited to see the art for themselves, moving through five different Zoom breakout rooms to “tour” our virtual galleries. At the conclusion of the event, many said they felt inspired by the creativity they saw, and left feeling energized and more connected to the Clonlara community.

We invite you to browse these galleries now! All of the work submitted for our 2021 Global Art Show can be found in the videos below. Whether or not you attended the event, we hope you will enjoy exploring these wonderful student creations and come away as inspired as we are by Clonlara’s talented artists!

3D & Mixed Media

Students get creative within the mixed media genre. 3D work includes sculpture, pottery, forged metal, and blown glass.

Digital Art

In this gallery, works range from highly realistic to expressive with diverse coloring techniques.


Graphite, charcoal, ink, colored pencil, and other dry media work make up this gallery.


Watercolor, acrylic, oil, tempura paints, and pastels create a rich viewing experience in this gallery.


Books, flowers, pets, portraiture, and the natural world are just some of the subjects explored by Clonlara’s photographers.

Did you enjoy show? If you have a message for our talented artists or other comments about this event, please share them below.

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