Statement on Racism and Discrimination

A Message from Our Executive Director

Dear Clonlara Community,

I have been watching the pain, anguish, and outrage in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death as it has spread from city to city across the United States and now throughout the nations of the world. To our Clonlara families who experience racial injustice and discrimination in its many forms and to all who are suffering in this moment, I stand with you.

Clonlara School has a long history of speaking out for the rights of families around the world, and of providing a place where a family’s choice to educate their children is met with respect and support. I am committed to not letting this moment pass without raising my voice, and I ask you to join me in your own way.

Trust has always been at the heart of Clonlara’s educational approach. It is why our students have the freedom to pursue their passions and interests, letting their curiosity guide their learning. Your children may now have questions you cannot answer. I encourage you to open the door to those conversations and remember, at Clonlara, it is okay not to have the answers. We can find them together and even trust in our children’s ability to teach us.

More than ever, the world needs schools and models that encourage openness, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, and that practice inclusion and foster tolerance, as Clonlara has worked to do since 1967. We are committed to nondiscrimination in all our enrollment practices, educational services, and employment. This includes race, religion, and identity.

The wide diversity of people, thoughts, and experiences that have shaped Clonlara School over the decades has strengthened our global learning community. Racism, violence, bigotry, and hatred are not welcome here. In our work with students, parents, and teachers, we continually strive to increase our empathy and compassion. It is my hope that our efforts be visible and that they allow for growth in ourselves, and those around us.

Whether you act in this moment by raising your voice in protest or by examining your personal beliefs and bringing difficult conversations to light within your own family and social circles, I am with you. My door is always open, and I welcome you to share your thoughts about how we can continue this vitally important conversation and work together.


Chandra Montgomery Nicol

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