Celebrating 50 Years, Decade Three

This Is Clonlara School Podcast

A Podcast by the Students, Parents, and Staff of Clonlara School

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Episode 3 Description

The third episode of our series exploring Clonlara School’s history brings us into the ’90s—a decade that saw a precedent-setting ruling by Michigan’s highest court in favor of Clonlara and homeschooling families. The conversation between parent Barbara Robertson and Founder Pat Montgomery covers the stages of the school’s legal battle with the Michigan Department of Education, the addition of high school to the Campus Program, and a visit from a Japanese reporter that sparked Clonlara’s international growth. While all of this is going on, Clonlara’s old portable classrooms literally start to burst, and Pat begins a quest to secure funding and a design for a new building that “looks nothing like a school.”

This Is Clonlara School Podcast Description

What happens when K–12 students have a say in what and how they learn, when their curiosity drives their learning, and when their interests are the curriculum? The possibilities are endless! This Is Clonlara School, a student-, parent-, and staff-produced podcast, offers insight into the philosophy behind Clonlara’s unique educational approach, which has been putting students at the center of the learning process for 50 years, and showcases the interests and projects of the school’s self-directed learners.

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