Celebrating 50 Years, Decade Two

This Is Clonlara School Podcast

A Podcast by the Students, Parents, and Staff of Clonlara School

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Episode 2 Description

In this podcast covering decade two of Clonlara School’s history, parent Barbara Robertson talks with Founder Pat Montgomery about the school’s growth in Ann Arbor and the beginning of its Home-Based Education Program (now called the Off-Campus Program). Pat shares how her decision to help one family teach their child using Clonlara’s approach at home led to challenges from state education officials and placed Clonlara at the forefront of the early homeschool movement. The conversation concludes with Pat and her husband Jim’s decision to file suit on behalf of Clonlara and home-educating families against the Michigan Department of Education, sparking a legal battle that would lead from the district court all the way to the Michigan Supreme Court.

This Is Clonlara School Podcast Description

What happens when K–12 students have a say in what and how they learn, when their curiosity drives their learning, and when their interests are the curriculum? The possibilities are endless! This Is Clonlara School, a student-, parent-, and staff-produced podcast, offers insight into the philosophy behind Clonlara’s unique educational approach, which has been putting students at the center of the learning process for 50 years, and showcases the interests and projects of the school’s self-directed learners.

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