Celebrating 50 Years, Decade One

This Is Clonlara School Podcast

A Podcast by the Students, Parents, and Staff of Clonlara School

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Episode 1 Description

Join parent Barbara Robertson as she explores five decades of Clonlara’s rich history ahead of the school’s 50th anniversary celebration (Sept. 30–Oct. 1, 2017). In this episode covering decade one, Barbara talks with Founder Pat Montgomery about her decision to start a school, the origins of the school’s name, and the challenges of finding a suitable location for the first group of students. The conversation highlights the atmosphere of the late-60s and early-70s that led families to question the institution of traditional schooling and points to concerns over one-size-fits-all learning that are as relevant today as they were then. The episode concludes with Pat’s description of how the simple act of “going where the learning was” helped to spark students’ curiosity for learning and became a core element of Clonlara’s educational approach.

This Is Clonlara School Podcast Description

What happens when K–12 students have a say in what and how they learn, when their curiosity drives their learning, and when their interests are the curriculum? The possibilities are endless! This Is Clonlara School, a student-, parent-, and staff-produced podcast, offers insight into the philosophy behind Clonlara’s unique educational approach, which has been putting students at the center of the learning process for 50 years, and showcases the interests and projects of the school’s self-directed learners.

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