We Flourish Together (Update)

We Flourish Together (Update)

By Kevin Fitzgerald, Editor

In a previous post, we told you about a project to help spread the word about our school, and invited YOU—the members of Clonlara’s global community of students, families, and alumni—to join us. Now, the results are clear for all to see!

Watch Us Grow

Over three months (March–May), we tracked our collective efforts by adding different color leaves to the branches of a tree painted in the school’s entryway. The chart below shows the type and number of actions taken, with the leaves on the tree representing our activities.

Write a post for our blog Blog Post 7
Submit a Facebook update Facebook Update 0
“Share” or “Like” a Clonlara Facebook post Share-Like 660*
Mention Clonlara School on social media Social Media 8
Refer a family for enrollment Refer for Enrollment 3
Bring someone new to a Clonlara event Event 2
Wear your Clonlara School gear (send us a photo!) Wear Gear 18
Share an Impact Report or other program information (we’ll supply the material) Impact Report 18
Make a gift or donate time/materials Donation 8
Other Other 0

* 10 Facebook “Shares/Likes” = 1 Leaf

Thank YOU!

Thanks to your donations of time, money, and materials as well as the numerous other ways you contributed to supporting and spreading the word about Clonlara during this three-month period, we were able to introduce many other families to our educational approach and empower them to take charge of their own educational experience.

Your engagement is crucial to Clonlara’s growth, and our community truly does flourish when we all work together!

Do you have other ideas for how to spread the word about our school? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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